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Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh yeah, stuff that's happened:
We didn't end up going to Stacked cause it was too annoying to get there, but we ended up on the Hollywood strip meeting INXS instead. We've been to universal, Warner bros, disneyland (they cancelled the fireworks that night because of high winds... not one single leaf was moving on any tree...) then they thought it might be a good idea to spray soap bubbles over the 3 million angry members of the crowd (snow). Not such a good idea! Disneyland is the coolest... and the most people-full place i have been in ages! They had carols the night we were there and they were hosted by Dick Van Dyke! He has the whitest hair i have ever seen. Americans have a stupid thing with not offending anybody at all, like you aren't allowed to mention christmas here, you have to say happy holidays. There was a santa head decoration in beverly hills which was taken down because someone complained. Weirdos. The only person who has guessed were australian has been the disneyland guy because we asked for fairy floss instead of cotton candy. He thought it was hilarious. Not one person knows what the australian flag looks like, not even the most intellectual we've met. But they are the first to admit that they're completely ignorant of the outside world. Literally all they know is down under, kangaroos and that's not a knife, this is a knife! Everyone thinks were English. Can't wait to get to Canada and hang out with some normal people!


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