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tarot card reader once told her she was pregnant.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More Disneyland Pics.
Woulda been easier if i had put these posts in some kinda order.


Anonymous Maddy said...

i have been waiting 4 ages in hope that u will get on msn...but apparantly ur not going 2 get on. So i thought i would post a comment instead. It's xmas eve..2MORROW'S XMAS-hooray-yay!! i'm soo excited anyways we aren't doing anything 2night 4 xmas (stupid terese is doing sumthn else gr) so mum has patch and i doing work..ugh:(but we r seeing xmas lights 2night. geuss wat mum got herself this clock that has a westminster chime which is big ben in london's chime. tee hee can u belive it. Of course patchand i would b doing sumthn outside xcept 4 the fact that stupid tasmanian weather is raining on and off all day. Anyways i beter go be4 mum gets annoyed at me. Seeya on the..16th january i think dad said.
:) Maddy

9:49 AM, December 24, 2005  
Blogger Rikki said...

Merry Christmas Mad! sorry I missed you before!
Hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow...miss you!
Be good for the parentals...you get more that way - trust me I know haha

1:25 PM, December 24, 2005  

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