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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's not frost!
Hey well its our 4th day here in Canada and I have to say I like it!!! Its so much like Tasmania - cold - but there are things to do.... like shopping! hee Its good to see Nadine and Dave again, they have not changed a bit! Well Rikki pretty much explained the rest! so we will update soon. Oh news just in we may be going to Whistler for christmas!!! yay a white christmas - that will be weird, but then so is wearing jumpers (sweaters) in December!! Frances xx
PIC: They say this is frost on the ground. We're sure it's snow though.


Anonymous Suze Peach said...

... and all I have to say is that Nik, Nat, Megan, Kerry and I went to Rotto for two nights, last week so beat that!!! Very exotic, ha ha ha

enjoy your White Christmas and cheers to a fantastic New Year, love Suze

11:23 AM, December 18, 2005  
Blogger PardonmYspAnish said...

Bah, crazy blog updating while everyone's hungover and sick. Stupid weather here is crazy mad, freezing then hot then humid then freezing. I've been so spun out with all this crazy Brand work that I forget to type stuff and waste time on the net anymore.
Craig keeps trying to get you fired as usual. He and James seemed to have formed some kind of kinship.
James is still using your speakers.
50s ads had a great presentation and they all loved it, then the HR guy came back all bitchslapped and said that they were not liked by the cardigan-wearing people cos it made them look silly. He also said that his lady boss didn't like the hanging-up-clothes chicks and I said he was a dickhead.
So I'm trying to work up ye olde stick-figure concept but Yella is getting sick of doing everyone's work bless her :)
The bear shoot looked pretty cool but I've yet to see it mocked up (Milesy took it)
I've been doing illustrations for Nick & Jamie for ca$h w00t!
The Xmas party was HUUUUGGGGEEE and I'm making a DVD of it on your puta during my lunch breakz. I got sick (sore throat etc) from giving Craig a tonguee. Apparently I also snogged Des at some stage and there's a dodgy pic of me and Dale. Jamie had a go at everybody and all the girls snogged each other. Madness.
James is currently on his first ever shoot for RAC Free2Go all by himself bless....
I've made about 50 ads since you've left and Craig wants to know if you're holding me back :)) (I told him if I keep up this rate of work much longer I'm going to cut off my own head and eat it with my gaping neck wound).
A whole bunch of Burswood Christmas radio got up and Yella's Circus poster design looks hella sweeet.
We have to convince Craig to let us enter RAC Animation in a bunch of catagories cos he reckons it can't be entered in nothing but Jamie reckons it'll clean up everywhere }:P Soo confusseedd...
Ummm... there was a whole stack of madness to do with Department of Planning and Infrastructure which I'll no doubt forget by the time you get back, so remind me to fill you in on the hilarity...
THAT CRAZY JESUS BURSWOOD AD!!! Omigod!! Not only did we have to shoot it (using Elle) and try to make it relevant, but they then changed the page format on us at the last minute to a FP! We'd already shot it so Jamie had to come up with a another ad under it for Paddy's, which I solved anyway (woot me), but then Nick didn't sell it properly and it didn't run. But Elle ran, I'll keep a copy for your amusement.
And that's all, hugs and kisses.... josh....

12:23 PM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger PardonmYspAnish said...

this just in: steve has ordered all plants out of the building (cost-saving measure, maybe??)
your cactus was the only non-casulty of this mass genocide.

3:47 PM, December 19, 2005  
Anonymous Narelle said...

Man I got stressed just reading about all the stuff Josh has been doing and how everyone's after your job! Bring me back something snow associated.

8:56 PM, December 19, 2005  

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