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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hey guys!!!
Yep Im alive, sorry its been so long, there are not many internet cafes in the states, well what we have seen anyway! Im standing in the Apple store in San Francisco typing this to you, so feel special!!!

Ok so Los Angeles was so not what I had expected, its really dirty, grey & COLD but the people are so nice and are willing to help you - if you tip! but overall it was great.
We did universal, warner bros, disneyland and the walk of fame in hollywood and... oh yeah and we met INXS! yep thats right, we actually met them! They were doing a signing for their new CD. So I walked up to the radio guys there and got us front of line tix to meet them! (I know how to work the radio guys!! hee) that was awesome! the guys are awesome - they loved us - the aussie thing!!

Next stop was Vegas, ohmigod what a place!!! We caught the bus there which was ok long and borning but half the bus were aussies so it was cool!! We got to our hotel, the stratosphere which was like something out of a movie...It was so massive. There were thrill seeking rides on top of a 1400 feet tower, off the top of the hotel....so huge...Ima scared of hights so no rides for me!!

The stip was amazing so bright and colourful, because it is xmas, there were so many other shows and activities. We saw a show....ohmigod, they really need to explain these things more, we ended up going to a stupid comedy thing (not funny) and in between acts there were dancers...now these are not normal dancers there were wearing all sorts of inappropriate outfits....basically porn on stage!! But Vegas was awesome!

The airport however, not so good! there are no signs, no people to help you, nothing! we waited in a line for 25mins to check our bags in, to discover my bag was too heavy (gotta love excess baggage and the exchange rate) you then have to take your bag to i different section and pass it under a rope for the man to put it on the plane, then find your bording lounge, but to get there you have to catch a train, yep a train to the lounge. By the time we got there we were the last to get on the plane!!!! We finally got to San Francisco and discovered Rikkis bad was missing, they missed the flight!!!! we were told that it would take an hour....8 hours later she got it!!!

Well Im off to discover San Francisco now Ill email from Canada, friends computers gotta love em!! Stay safe and Ill email soon love Frances xxx
PS MERRY CHRISTMAS...you not allowed to say that here!!! crazy americans!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well glad everything is going well. I just suggest you don't listen to the news regarding air travel at the mo. It's a good idea to stay ignorant of the plane comings and goings to ensure you aren't too freaked out to get on a flight. I hear today that NY has just had their first blizzardy thing, Central Park looked very pretty with snow so you'll have fun- go ice skating for me. Chicago has been minus temps with major blizzards, I suggest bypassing that place. I've sent a pressie to Nads and Dave, hope they get it before Christmas. The Americans try to be so PC about some things it's ridiculous, I can't believe you can't say Merry Christmas- just tell em that's what Australian's say- it'll get you out of most stuff. Keep the updates coming.

2:44 PM, December 10, 2005  
Blogger PardonmYspAnish said...

Wow... I just realised that there's stuff on your bloggy. Ha! I've got really lazy with mine but that's cos nothing's been happening. Bless.
I can't believe you missed Stacked *shakes head*
Craig says that you best not just be sitting on computers the whole time, but I says that you never write anything so I'm sure that's not it. I'm so tired cos I'm doing mine and your's job :) and Yella is doing the rest. 50s ads didn't get up and I'm being rebriefed by Mr Idiot himself tomorrow. Booooo....
Ummm.... and... something something.... we shot the rac finance scary bear xmas debt press ad today with Milesy - very cool. The Xmas party is on next Friday and there's a Creative lunch tomorrow - but me and Yella are hella too busy to really go. I think we will anyway... Annnnyyywyyyayayaya have more fun on your trip and keep us up to date and ring me sometime and send me an email cos I'm the most important person in the wooorrrlllddd....

lots of love to frances and a little bit to rikki from josh

7:14 PM, December 12, 2005  
Blogger Rikki said...

Oh my god i can't believe they knocked back 50s ads!! @#%@#$%@#$%!! that's retarded. How'd the bankwest major thingie go? Scary bear is cool if it looks good it could do good things... can't believe i'm gonna miss seeing son of hitch on tv! send me a message immediately when it's on... actually it'll prolly still be on when i get back. Have fun all work people on the xmas party front, Josh don't go having any more babies like you did last time :) Yella keep up the good work look after our ideas!! Craig this is only the second time i've been on a computer in 2 weeks so there. James get out of my office :)

7:13 AM, December 13, 2005  

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