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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'll never complain about hills again.
Hey Guys, a quick update for you all - we all love apple mac, lets say it together now... WE ALL LOVE APPLE MAC!!! hee.
Well not much is happening in pretty San Francisco, its kinda like perth (way colder), a few touristie things to do but the rest you kinda have to know where the stuff is to really enjoy yourself! oh and a car would also help as the hills are almost vertical!!! (Ima gonna have the best legs when I get home!) We did that prison thingy cool, looked at all the really cool looking houses, ate free choc - yum and drank a little too much beer but other than that San Francisco is pretty much done!
We are off to Canada tomorrow! Its gonna be nice and cold for us - rikkis first time in snow and all! (don't worry ally ill make her do snow faces!!!) Hope everyone is well, enjoying their holidays (uni kids) and working hard (other kids) oh yeah there is 12 shopping days left for you to do you xmas shopping!
Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year - love saying that....silly Americans!!
Love Frances xxxx
PIC: Alcatraz


Anonymous ally said...

oh the embarrassment of snow faces.

im at home doing what i do best...nothing.

just got my exam marks, they are not what i hoped ...my bad.

hope you guys are having fun in the America...or Canada same thing, i downloaded a song called Stuck in America one of the lines goes "everyones talking about blowing up the neighbourhood" dont get blown up it wouldnt be that much fun.

okies well bring me back lots of cool junk. love you like the chrisco lady loves christmas.
xoxo ally

1:41 PM, December 20, 2005  
Blogger Rikki said...

Hey Scheembal!
I got my results back too, think I may have done a little better than you!
We are in Canada at the mo staying with nadine and dave its cool! oh and we are going to Whistler for xmas...Have I said this already? meh...umm its freezing here!
well talk to ya when Im looking at ya...in a month!!! luv wance xx

3:24 PM, December 20, 2005  

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