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Friday, January 20, 2006

Central Park

Central Park
Originally uploaded by riksta9.
Where all the people form a central hub and the world fans out from there. I thought NY was the coolest place we went to, like a giant leederville but with ten hundred of the coolest shops (as opposed to 3) and cafes and arty corners and broadway and parks (well one giant park and 20 tyre yards with 'park' written on the fence) and studenty bits and expensive diamond shops and scientologists and everything else you could ever need. You can walk everywhere you want to go and some places you really don't, and the subway takes you everywhere else. But don't get on the express ones at night, you end up in the Bronx (please disregard this warning if you are trying to get to the Bronx). Save up your pennies and get cheapo perfume in chinatown. The lids don't fit on the bottles, but they smell like flowers. They also sell lots of food, but ironically not much china. The homeless people in New York have nice skis.


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