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Friday, December 16, 2005

Canadian Adventures!
Hello folks, we've arrived in Canada (home of the mighty cans...) and it's a little bit cold here :) No snow, how upsetting. We're crashing Dave's work party tomorrow night and then going snowboarding up some mountain on Saturday. The grass here has ice on it which is cool cause the ground is all sparkly, but it sucks to be the grass i suppose. The sun sets at 4pm which is mighty weird. It's very nice having someone's house to crash, and it's also very nice that Vancouver has supermarkets and vegetables so we won't die of malnutrition like in the US. It's very homeish here except the cheese is still fluro orange.
We have 'free' internet here so i'll check back soon and someone better have written us a note.
Ps. Couldn't find somewhere to shove this disneyland pic :)


Anonymous Nadave said...

Wow! this land of Cans that you speak of sounds like a wonderful and mysterious place. I too hope to live there one day (like today and yesterday) and frolic in the sparkly grass.

6:43 AM, December 17, 2005  

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