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Friday, December 30, 2005

Fare The Well from Canada.
We're off to NewYork!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Killing on Ice.
You may call it ice hockey, but i call it big men with knives on their feet wacking an oreo around with massive sticks. We went to see the Junior World Championships, Switzerland vs Norway. Switzerland won. We were going for them. Honest.

Let it @#$@% Snow!
Ok we fly to the other side of the world at Christmas, spending it at a ski field in Canada, and do you think it would snow? There's no freaking snow!! Well there was ground snow so we could ski, but no sky snow so we couldn't dance. There WAS a whole bunch of rain. We did, however make a snowman. You might think it's a bit small, bit it's actually to scale. They're about this big in the wild.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Capilano Bridge Is Real High.
This is a really massive walkin' bridge over a really massive ravine filled with really massive water. It's really pretty and wobbly.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You Know it's True.
Cheaper by the Dozen 2 is predictable, manipulative, and probably funded by the Taliban, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.
- Joshua Tyler, Cinemablend.com

Its Raining Its Pouring The Old Man is Snoring
Ok Ok its raining here in Canada (how unusual) So we are stuck in the house! please keep us entertained and write us comments!!!

Hollywood and Warner Bros.
It's stormy outside, ok?

More Disneyland Pics.
Woulda been easier if i had put these posts in some kinda order.

Yes, there are vans in Vancouver.

Supermarket Sweep.
This is your average US supermarket (or vegas petrol station...) and yup, that's 4 litres of smirnoff for $20.99.

More Vegas for your Perusal.
This was our hotel, see that spire with the light right on the top? Slingshot ride. And the bit at the top with the lights? Rollercoaster. And here's us modelling necklaces that the street vendor reckoned evreyone is wearing.

White Christmas.
We've decided to go up to Whistler for 3 days over christmas for snowboarding/skiing hilarity and fireplaces. Got the Christmas feast ready and the candles packed (for our own carols by candlelight on christmas eve of course). Stay tuned for photos of us fallin' on our buttys in the snow :)

Ducks on a Lake.
It's amazing how hilarious ducks slipping all over a frozen lake and be. We were chucking grapes to/at them then cacking ourselves when they ice skated into each other to get the grapes :)
There was an unfrozen bit where a flying duck attempted to land, but it overshot the wet bit and smashed into the ice. Hehehehe :)

Would you take business advice from this woman?
This is really honestly true.
I swear.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Everything's Bigger in Hollywood.
This was a massive ad in Hollywood, the entire front of the building was a Harry Potter ad. Oh a budget. How i want you.

LA Pics.
The car pics are from Warner Bros, that's the Bat Mobile and the Harry Potter car. Tour guides aren't good photographers. Then the other 2 are from the Walk of Fame where costumed weirdos jump out at you then expect you to give them money for the pleasure...

Hurrah for USB.
I've finally been able to put some pics on here!
These ones are from Vegas.
Now you have to go back and look at all the other posts to see our other pics :)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's not frost!
Hey well its our 4th day here in Canada and I have to say I like it!!! Its so much like Tasmania - cold - but there are things to do.... like shopping! hee Its good to see Nadine and Dave again, they have not changed a bit! Well Rikki pretty much explained the rest! so we will update soon. Oh news just in we may be going to Whistler for christmas!!! yay a white christmas - that will be weird, but then so is wearing jumpers (sweaters) in December!! Frances xx
PIC: They say this is frost on the ground. We're sure it's snow though.

Friday, December 16, 2005

They have everything else.
They don't have cordial here!!
They don't know what it is.

Canadian Adventures!
Hello folks, we've arrived in Canada (home of the mighty cans...) and it's a little bit cold here :) No snow, how upsetting. We're crashing Dave's work party tomorrow night and then going snowboarding up some mountain on Saturday. The grass here has ice on it which is cool cause the ground is all sparkly, but it sucks to be the grass i suppose. The sun sets at 4pm which is mighty weird. It's very nice having someone's house to crash, and it's also very nice that Vancouver has supermarkets and vegetables so we won't die of malnutrition like in the US. It's very homeish here except the cheese is still fluro orange.
We have 'free' internet here so i'll check back soon and someone better have written us a note.
Ps. Couldn't find somewhere to shove this disneyland pic :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hecka Fun.
Hi Allverybody, this is our last day in San Fran and we are yet again utilising the free internet at the apple store. Tomorrow we'll be in the air to Canada to see Nadine and Dave and use them for their loungeroom floor, the place we'll be calling home for the next few weeks. The airplane thing isn't that bad, they are just so freaked out over here you can't even joke about anything to do with a plane (or you get shot like that bloke last week). The airpost security here is rubbish compared to home, i could have walked on to every plane so far carrying whatever i wanted... it's pretty slack but they think it's good. (hope i don't get jailed for writing that)
Canada is apparently hecka cold (that's the lingo the shop assistants use here) but there'll be 4 of us in a 1 bedroom apartment so i guess we'll keep eachother warm enough! Keep up the good work everyone!

I'll never complain about hills again.
Hey Guys, a quick update for you all - we all love apple mac, lets say it together now... WE ALL LOVE APPLE MAC!!! hee.
Well not much is happening in pretty San Francisco, its kinda like perth (way colder), a few touristie things to do but the rest you kinda have to know where the stuff is to really enjoy yourself! oh and a car would also help as the hills are almost vertical!!! (Ima gonna have the best legs when I get home!) We did that prison thingy cool, looked at all the really cool looking houses, ate free choc - yum and drank a little too much beer but other than that San Francisco is pretty much done!
We are off to Canada tomorrow! Its gonna be nice and cold for us - rikkis first time in snow and all! (don't worry ally ill make her do snow faces!!!) Hope everyone is well, enjoying their holidays (uni kids) and working hard (other kids) oh yeah there is 12 shopping days left for you to do you xmas shopping!
Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year - love saying that....silly Americans!!
Love Frances xxxx
PIC: Alcatraz

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hey guys!!!
Yep Im alive, sorry its been so long, there are not many internet cafes in the states, well what we have seen anyway! Im standing in the Apple store in San Francisco typing this to you, so feel special!!!

Ok so Los Angeles was so not what I had expected, its really dirty, grey & COLD but the people are so nice and are willing to help you - if you tip! but overall it was great.
We did universal, warner bros, disneyland and the walk of fame in hollywood and... oh yeah and we met INXS! yep thats right, we actually met them! They were doing a signing for their new CD. So I walked up to the radio guys there and got us front of line tix to meet them! (I know how to work the radio guys!! hee) that was awesome! the guys are awesome - they loved us - the aussie thing!!

Next stop was Vegas, ohmigod what a place!!! We caught the bus there which was ok long and borning but half the bus were aussies so it was cool!! We got to our hotel, the stratosphere which was like something out of a movie...It was so massive. There were thrill seeking rides on top of a 1400 feet tower, off the top of the hotel....so huge...Ima scared of hights so no rides for me!!

The stip was amazing so bright and colourful, because it is xmas, there were so many other shows and activities. We saw a show....ohmigod, they really need to explain these things more, we ended up going to a stupid comedy thing (not funny) and in between acts there were dancers...now these are not normal dancers there were wearing all sorts of inappropriate outfits....basically porn on stage!! But Vegas was awesome!

The airport however, not so good! there are no signs, no people to help you, nothing! we waited in a line for 25mins to check our bags in, to discover my bag was too heavy (gotta love excess baggage and the exchange rate) you then have to take your bag to i different section and pass it under a rope for the man to put it on the plane, then find your bording lounge, but to get there you have to catch a train, yep a train to the lounge. By the time we got there we were the last to get on the plane!!!! We finally got to San Francisco and discovered Rikkis bad was missing, they missed the flight!!!! we were told that it would take an hour....8 hours later she got it!!!

Well Im off to discover San Francisco now Ill email from Canada, friends computers gotta love em!! Stay safe and Ill email soon love Frances xxx
PS MERRY CHRISTMAS...you not allowed to say that here!!! crazy americans!!!

Oh yeah, stuff that's happened:
We didn't end up going to Stacked cause it was too annoying to get there, but we ended up on the Hollywood strip meeting INXS instead. We've been to universal, Warner bros, disneyland (they cancelled the fireworks that night because of high winds... not one single leaf was moving on any tree...) then they thought it might be a good idea to spray soap bubbles over the 3 million angry members of the crowd (snow). Not such a good idea! Disneyland is the coolest... and the most people-full place i have been in ages! They had carols the night we were there and they were hosted by Dick Van Dyke! He has the whitest hair i have ever seen. Americans have a stupid thing with not offending anybody at all, like you aren't allowed to mention christmas here, you have to say happy holidays. There was a santa head decoration in beverly hills which was taken down because someone complained. Weirdos. The only person who has guessed were australian has been the disneyland guy because we asked for fairy floss instead of cotton candy. He thought it was hilarious. Not one person knows what the australian flag looks like, not even the most intellectual we've met. But they are the first to admit that they're completely ignorant of the outside world. Literally all they know is down under, kangaroos and that's not a knife, this is a knife! Everyone thinks were English. Can't wait to get to Canada and hang out with some normal people!

All it takes is signage, people!
Hi everyone! This is coming to you from the apple store in san francisco where they let you just use their internet any old thing! Well we've been to LA and vegas, having a spiffy time, hope everyone is good... can't stay on here for long cause there's people waiting to use this thing! The airports here are completely retarded, actually most things are completely retarded... All it takes is a bit of signage people!! see you all in 5 and a bit weeks!